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What is Industrial Chic?

Industrial Chic

Industrial chic is a design style that revolves around an aged utilitarian beauty. It encompasses aged woods and worn textures and includes forged or welded metal as well. Metals such as iron, steel, aluminum and tin are all used in the industrial designed pieces.These metals must also have a matte finish and a touch of patina to complete the look. This look has a clean and simple style. Items focus on function versus decoration, which leads us in a masculine direction. Even though it appeals to the male home, it blends with a chic flavor so it now becomes desirable by both men and women.

Industrial Chic

Industrial Chic never started out as a design style but rather a reflection of workday life. It then branched out into the look we have today. The Steampunk design craze gave this style its first push into reality as well. Featured below you will find some excellent examples of this decor as well as where to locate these items for your own home or office. See also tips on how you can mix industrial items with other items and still create this theme.

Why Industrial Chic Works

Industrial Chic

Industrial Chic definitely works well for many homes. This look can be mixed and matched with many other looks and still be deemed Industrial Chic. Because it is an all encompassing design style, you can add touches of rustic, traditional, shabby, primitive, modern and so forth to it. Even if you are not committed to your entire home having this look, you can still incorporate other pieces you love and still keep the design style. In other words, it is very flexible, that is why it works

Flexible Industrial

Industrial Chic

The great thing about Industrial Chic is that it is simple, natural, neutral and timeless. Because of this you can now mix individual industrial pieces with any other given style such as modern, shabby and so on. Take a peek at the picture below. Shabby Chic with Industrial Chic and still is Industrial Chic.

Industrial Chic

How to Design with Industrial Chic

How you incorporate this style really depends on how you use it. You can use it as an element or a style. Whichever you prefer. You can even incorporate style and element together as well. If your entire style is industrial chic then use neutral colors like greys, whites, tans, etc. You can add some warmth with the use of warm wood color tones. This creates the industrial feel. The overall palette will reflect the colors found in wood, leather and metal. If modern is your preference, then maybe add some bright colors like lime green, fuschia, turquoise or tangerine touches. Always try to use your actual living space to your advantage and use that as your core and backdrop. Industrial Chic appears best when used in open and wide spaces like lofts for instance. But you do not need to have a loft home to do this. Wide and high spaces can create the same effect. Also the architecture of the building helps as well, such as pipes, brick, stone and other exposures. Industrial Chic is superb for office decor by the way.

Adding Elements to Your Style

There are simple clean lines of the look as well as the layers of texture provided by the metals, woods, bricks, etc. Elements you can add to your style are items like plants and flowers in a rusty bucket to soften up the look just a pinch. You can also use shabby chic items that are feminine in nature by adding a dresser, a cabinet, a table etc. Just one or two pieces will suffice.

Industrial Chic

Industrial Chic Lighting

One of the favorite items that this style calls for are the amazing lighting fixtures it utilizes. The fixtures are generally exposed pipes or clear open light bulbs as well as frilly industrial chandeliers. You can get quite artistic with the use of Industrial chic lighting. Add a crystal metal chandelier to a stark open space above a dining table or entrance. Make it the focal point of the room and it will pop out with a wow and guests will take notice quickly for sure.

Industrial Chic Hints

Here are some hints to help you with your Industrial Chic look:

If you have a collection of Industrial items group them together to create a fuller look and larger impact.

Think outside the box! Never limit yourself with this style. Use the item as decor as well as a functional piece.

Pair shabby with formal to create a look of casual elegance.

Incorporate natural elements with industrial items such as flowers in a rusty bucket to create a beautiful framed design.

Use lighting to your advantage. Choose a wonderful focal piece.

Utilize the actual architecture in your space to add to the Industrial feel in its entirety.

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